Most hard-working people simply can not wait for the weekend to roll around in anticipation of a dinner date. However, since there are so many recipes available all over the web, there's no need to wait for Friday to have a special meal or romantic dinner for two. Take these three restaurant chicken recipes for example – right from the kitchens at Outback Steakhouse.

First on the menu is a recipe called "Alice Springs Chicken." Try out this entree – the wait staff can not seem to keep up with the orders! This is definitely a winner at Outback, and once you try it, you'll soon know why. Alice Springs Chicken is essentially a grilled chicken served up with bacon, mushrooms, and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. To put this one over the edge, top it with honey mustard sauce and you have a perfect dish!

There are plenty of dishes that can accompany this entree as a side: salad works well, so do mashed or baked potatoes, a side of corn or whatever floats your boat. The chicken is good enough on its own due to its simplicity and all-around favorite ingredients.

Another of the Outback restaurant chicken recipes to try making is called "Outback Grillers." This is a great entree to serve your family or guests, although the statistics at Outback indicate it does not get ordered as much. Because of this fact, the recipe is a bit difficult to find, unless you can wrangle it out of the servers at the restaurant.

The Outback Grillers dish is served best with wild rice and a side of grilled-up vegetables. That way you can have a healthy and tasty meal instead of the junk that really hurts your cardiovascular system.

Lastly, check Out Outback's "Chicken on the Barbie." This is a mouth-watering dish from the name alone, and it does not disappoint in person. Unlike the honey mustard of the "Alice Springs Chicken," this dish will serve you with some bar-be-cue sauce and you'll definitely find it finger-lickin 'good! Just like with the Alice Springs dish, you can use most any side dish you want to serve with this entree.

The internet is full of restaurant chicken recipes – but not many can compare with what Outback Steakhouse has on offer. Rather than getting to a crowded restaurant full of crowds and long lines, just take a gander at what's online to find your favorite Outback chicken recipes in addition to the three listed.

Source by Isabella Brown


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