Your child’s communion and confirmation are very significant religious rites of passage. It is a festive occasion for the first Communicant and his family. There will be a large family gathering and parties to celebrate the event. You need to make it a special one. However, it is very important to plan a tasteful confirmation ceremony. Here are some communion and confirmation party ideas which will make your party an ultimate success.

The first thing you need to decide is the budget and guest list. Confirm the date with the important members of your family before setting the date with your church. After deciding the date, confirm the venue. Settle on whether you want to celebrate it in a restaurant or banquet hall. If you plan to have the party at home, then decide whether it will be an outdoor or indoor party. If you think that you need tables, chairs and linen get them beforehand. Book the services of photographers, musicians and entertainers in advance. Decide whether you want the food catered or not, if yes then reserve the date with them and brief them very well about the menu.

Now when the food venue and photographers are planned, time to decide on the invitation. You will get invitations of all budgets, style and look. Mail your invitations in advance to your guests.

Make a decision on the cake. Mostly first communion cakes are white lined with blue, pink or silver frosting. Keeping in mind the solemnity of the event they are usually kept simple. Decorations for first communion are usually in white and silver. However, it is up to you if you want to give it some extra flair. You also can take the help of your child in the decoration work. You can also shop for decoration in your child’s favorite colors. Get some first communion banners for decoration. You can decide on the centerpiece depending on the theme of the party. If it’s a boy you can use trophies and sport centerpieces. If it’s a girl’s communion party, use flowers bouquet and glitters and sparkles. Decorate the place with balloons. You can use balloon bouquets to decorate presents, table and cake. Napkins are essential party items. You can personalize them with your child’s name, date of celebration and pictures. For giving the napkins a personalized look you need to buy them in plain colors. All the cups and plates should also be in plain colors to give them a personalized look.

If you want your party to emphasize the religious aspect of the celebration, use decorations that integrate a religious theme. Balloons with crosses, religious pictures, religious statues, crosses and framed quotes from the Bible will give the religious flavor to your party.

Finally, you can make your party a memorable one if you get quality time to spend with your child on the special day. For that you need to decide and plan all the details of the party in advance.

Source by Susheel Tripathi


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