Your theme and kids outdoor relay games equal fun at a kids birthday party. The theme of your party should be blended into every single detail you can get it in. From the invitations to the party supplies and decorations, from the cake to the games, your theme is a big part of the event. Try some of these kids relay games that are perfect for an outdoor birthday party.

Back Seat Driver Relay Race

Are you having a boys construction party theme? Then Back Seat Driver Relay Race is perfect for you. You will need a few things for your game. Traffic cones, 2 big wheels or some tricycles and some blind folds.     

Have your guests form two teams and give each team a vehicle to ride on. Mark your relay course with your construction cones. If you cannot find cones use some soda bottles or colored boxes to mark the course.

The Ball Relay Race For Kids

Another relay game that is perfect for a party outdoors is the Ball Relay. For this game you are going to need a lot of balls. Get small, medium and large balls, golf, ping pong, soccer, softball, basketball at least 15 of them. And you will need two of each…one for each team. You will also need hula hoops and ball bags. What are ball bags? Use anything the balls will fit in. A net bag, a pillowcase or a plastic garbage bag.  

Arrange all the balls in a hula hoop and make one for each team. Put the bigger balls at the bottom and the smaller balls on top. Place the ball bags a few feet away, how far is up to you. Each player puts one ball into his teams ball bag.  When the last person puts his ball into the ball bag the next team person must bring the ball bag back to the hula hoop, dump it out and put the balls as they were when the game began. The larger balls on the bottom and the smaller balls on the top. The first team to finish this task is the winner. Give out some kind of ball as a game prize.

Make a Balloon Sandwich Relay Race


Another kids outdoor relay game is Balloon Sandwich. You need one balloon for each team. Teams must be made of players in pairs. It will take two kids to make a balloon sandwich. Use air-filled latex balloons. Helium isn’t a good idea for these balloons because they will just float away. Make a race course where there is a midpoint. Put a chair out in the yard and make the kids circle it before they head back to the start line to give the next pair a chance to go.

To start the game put the first pairs in a sitting position with their backs facing each other. Put a balloon in between their backs. When the MC yells go each pair of kids must stand without dropping the balloon. They have to get to a midpoint on the race course circle it and then get back to the start line. If they drop a balloon they must stop and start from the point where the balloon fell. Make sure each pair of players gets a chance to walk the course.

Source by Jillian Gallo


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